4/20 Council Preview: Fall tax renewals and more detention ponds

Illustration: Two figures peeking under a giant rug-sized Lafayette Consolidated Government logo
Illustration by Peter DeHart

Here’s a selection of items on the agendas for this week’s meetings of the city and parish councils. To see the full agendas, check out the links below. 

City Council


Tax renewals for the city police and fire millages on the Oct. 9 ballot. Together they generate an estimated $7.7 million per year to pay for public safety. 


AddressActionAuthority Administrative
406 Huval St.Non-warranty cash sale to adjoining landownerJoint CouncilsResolution
103 Dorian DriveNon-warranty cash sale to adjoining landownerJoint CouncilsResolution
111 Annette St.Conditional use permit to allow duplex in RS-1City CouncilFinal adoption
338, 340, 342 Crestlawn Drive & 601, 603, 605 Rosedown LaneRezoning from CH to RS-1City Council Final adoption
234 Duhon RoadAnnexationCity CouncilFinal adoption


LUS will present on the impact of the February freeze and the utilities outage app. Ordinances will be introduced to amend the budget to reflect the added costs from this freeze. 

Final Adoption

Declare more detention ponds as public necessities. The River Oaks Property Detention Project would be near Surrey Street and River Road. The C. Middlebrook Property Detention Project would be adjacent to Middlebrook Elementary.


Parish Council


Tax renewals for the airport, library and drainage on the Oct. 9 ballot. Losing these millages would mean reducing airport and library services, and essentially zeroing out funding for drainage in the parish.

Tax rededication of public health millage to fire protection in unincorporated Lafayette on Oct. 9 ballot. If approved, this rededication would move approximately $500,000 per year from the public health unit and mosquito and animal control to fire protection. A couple of years ago, residents in unincorporated Lafayette voted down creating a special fire taxing district. In recent years, parish government hasn’t had enough money to keep the fire rating in unincorporated Lafayette from rising or to reimburse the city for responding to emergency calls. But this rededication may face political pushback, as some believe property owners parishwide shouldn’t have to pay for fire protection that only serves unincorporated Lafayette.


Declare the Coulee Granges/Ile des Cannes Flood Control Project a public necessity. This project will be located in Maurice by Goodie Road and will involve a series of detention ponds.

Declare the Coulee Mine East Flood Control Project a public necessity. This project will be located in Carencro by Pelican Park.