5/18 Council Preview: More tax abatements, more drainage projects, and more police protests

Illustration: Two figures peeking under a giant rug-sized Lafayette Consolidated Government logo
Illustration by Peter DeHart

Here’s a selection of items on the agendas for this week’s meetings of the city and parish councils. To see the full agendas, check out the links below. 

City Council


Approval of a restoration tax abatement for CGI’s new Downtown office. Champion Real Estate is requesting a tax abatement on the almost $25 million cost of remodeling three floors of 102 Versailles Blvd. for CGI. The estimated value of the five-year tax exemption is $2.2 million. 


Lafayette Police Department training update. After Lafayette police fatally shot Trayford Pellerin in August, Mayor-President Josh Guillory dedicated $1 million in federal coronavirus aid for police training. City Councilman Glenn Lazard requested this report on the use of that funding. Activists intend to protest the grand jury’s decision not to indict the officers who killed Pellerin during the meeting. 

Final Adoption

Multiple properties are requesting action:

119 Saint LandryRezoning RS-1 to MN-1
141 Whittington DriveConditional use permit to allow a two family duplex in RS-1
600 Block S. Domingue Ave.Annexation

New LUS Fiber director salary increase. If approved, this would increase the salary for this position from $124,000 to $175,000

City park curfew. If passed, it would become illegal to be in city parks or playgrounds from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Last year, several people were shot at a late-night party in Moore Park. 

$5.8 million in city general fund dollars on parish drainage projects. The M-P proposes the city spend $5.8 million on two detention ponds and on the removal of spoil banks around the Bayou Vermilion outside of the city. Parish government is generally responsible for funding drainage maintenance and improvements, even within municipalities. Here are the projects: 

  • Malapart Detention Pond – $1 million 
  • Bayou Vermilion Spoil Bank Removal – $3.85 million 
  • River Oaks Property Detention Pond – $1 million 


$35,000 for Local Palooza with Downtown Lafayette Unlimited. This event is scheduled to take place May 22 at Parc International and Parc Sans Souci from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Its aim is to welcome the community back to outdoor in-person gatherings.

Parish Council

Final Adoption

Condemn the structure at 304 Country Run Drive. This will declare the property dilapidated and dangerous to the public welfare.

$4.85 million for three new drainage projects. Combined with the city-funded projects, which includes the larger piece of work on Bayou Vermilion, the councils will approve just under $11 million in drainage improvement projects. Here are the parish funded projects: 

  • Bayou Vermilion Flood Control – $1.75 million 
  • Robley Drive Detention Pond – $1.85 million 
  • Coulee Granges/Ile des Cannes Flood Control – $1.45  million 

This ordinance appropriates those dollars from the $8 million that was rededicated from the library’s fund balance to pay for parishwide drainage, streets and bridges. 

Declare the Hapsburg Lane Bridge Replacement Project a public necessity. This ordinance would authorize LCG to start acquiring the necessary rights of way, immovable property and other property rights needed to construct this project. At one time, Lafayette Parish had 17 bridges requiring replacement. 

Joint Council

Joint Resolution

Two adjudicated properties are being sold to adjacent property owners. Properties become adjudicated when they fail to pay their property taxes. LCG has been slowly working through its backlog of adjudicated properties.

600 Block of E. Pinhook RoadNon-warranty cash sale
332 Hilda St.Non-warranty cash sale