8/3 Council Preview: Willow Street jail, charter commission, City-Parish Alignment Commission appointments

Illustration: Two figures peeking under a giant rug-sized Lafayette Consolidated Government logo
Illustration by Peter DeHart

Here’s a selection of items on the agendas for this week’s meetings of the City and Parish councils. To see the full agendas, check out the links below. 

Parish Council

Final Adoption

Willow Street Jail. This ordinance declaring the Willow Street Correctional Facility a public necessity was deferred at the last Parish Council meeting at the request of Parish Councilman A.B. Rubin. Rubin was concerned the public wasn’t in support of building a new jail next to the sheriff’s public safety complex on Willow Street. He held a town hall where many who live in the area expressed opposition to this plan. 

Horse Farm carve out. This ordinance will sell parts of the back end of the Moncus Park property that abuts West Bayou Parkway to adjacent landowners, who will also pay to move some utilities. The total sale price is projected to be around $400,000.

Bayou Vermilion Flood Control/Coulee Ile Des Cannes Project. This ordinance would empower the mayor-president to start acquiring land for this project through purchase or expropriation — eminent domain. This project is located near Duhon Road, W. Broussard Road and Ridge Road. This is another major drainage project in a flurry of spending and expropriations. The administration has tapped CSRS Inc. to develop a comprehensive stormwater plan for the parish. 

Special Joint Meeting


$250,000 for COVID-19 testing. This ordinance will tap into fund balances from multiple funds to increase funding for the CAO’s budget in the Human Resources Division to hire a contractor to test LCG employees for COVID-19. More than half of this funding would come from the city general fund, with only $7,140 coming from the parish general fund.

Special City Meeting


Protect the City Committee Report. The PTC’s final report was compiled after hours of public testimony and research. Among its recommendations is calling a charter commission to explore deconsolidation. The report can be read in full here.


Calling a charter commission. This resolution is the next step recommended by the Protect the City Committee. Though as a sign of the disconnect between the City and Parish councils, this joint resolution is being introduced at a special City Council meeting rather than at a special Joint Council meeting.

City Council

Mayor-President’s Report

Presentation of the LUS Director search. Presumably this will give us a status update of the search to fill one of the most important jobs in city government: who runs LUS. 

Final Adoption

$102,375 in revenue from the sale of a small arsenal of weapons. This ordinance relates to the sale of handguns, shotguns and magazines to Practical Tactical Clothing and Gear Co. LLC. 

$246,171 to the Ambassador Caffery Soundwall. This ordinance would transfer $58,000 from unexpended salaries and $188,171 from the Polly Lane Extension for additional funding needed to award a bid for the soundwall project.

Joint Council

Final Adoption

Minority appointment on Lafayette Airport Commission. This ordinance will remove the restriction that one of the commissioners is African American. It will be replaced by a direct appointment from City Council District 5.

$125,000 for grass cutting and debris removal. This ordinance will appropriate additional funding to the Public Works Department. It will use prior year fund balance to cover these costs associated with notices of violations sent through environment codes inspectors.


Lafayette Waterworks District South BoardParish CouncilMust be district resident
Lafayette Waterworks District North BoardParish CouncilMust be district resident
Lafayette Airport CommissionParish CouncilMust resident in unincorporated Lafayette
Lafayette Public Trust Financing AuthorityCity Council


Lafayette Waterworks District SouthParish CouncilJohn Touchet
Awareness Committee for Citizens with DisabilitiesMayor-PresidentShellie Ramsay
City-Parish Alignment CommissionParish CouncilBryan Tabor
City-Parish Alignment CommissionCity CouncilNanette Cook
City-Parish Alignment CommissionDistrict 1 Parish councilmemberCharles Schilling II
City-Parish Alignment CommissionDistrict 2 Parish councilmemberKevin Naquin
City-Parish Alignment CommissionDistrict 3 Parish councilmemberJoseph Richard
City-Parish Alignment CommissionDistrict 4 Parish councilmemberPaul Eason
City-Parish Alignment CommissionDistrict 5 Parish councilmember William Thiele
City-Parish Alignment CommissionMayor-PresidentTimothy Breaux
City-Parish Alignment CommissionLocal Area MayorsPurvis Morrison
Downtown Development AuthorityCity CouncilEric Crozier, Greg Walls
Downtown Development AuthorityCity CouncilEric Crozier, Greg Walls
Downtown Development AuthorityCity Council (from list supplied by mayor-president)Denice Skinner
Downtown Development AuthorityCity Council (from list supplied by DLU)Johnny Blancher, Eric Crozier, Michael Delcambre