Council Preview: LCG pay raises; new garbage contract

Looking under LCG's hood

Here is a selection of items on the agendas for this week’s meetings of the City and Parish councils. To see the full agendas, check out the links below:

Lafayette 101
Waste collection

LCG relies on private contractors to provide waste and recycling services. The practice is common for municipal governments. Annual costs range between $12 million and $15 million.

Parish Council

Final Adoption

No items.


Ranch Road Bridge replacement. This ordinance would authorize the mayor-president to acquire or expropriate land to build this project. This bridge appears to only serve a single home between Ridge Road and Duhon Road.

Joint Emergency Meeting

Final Adoption

$83,000 for Emergency Rental Assistance Program funds to SMILE. This ordinance recognizes revenue from the federal government and passes it through to community action agency SMILE. These funds were released by the U.S. Department of Treasury on Sept 15. 

$4.8 million for Emergency Rental Assistance Program funds to SMILE and Catholic Charities of Acadiana. This ordinance recognizes revenue from the federal government and passes through $1.3 million to Catholic Charities and $3.5 million to SMILE. These funds were released by the U.S. Department of Treasury on Sept. 23

City Council


Field of Interest Fund. This resolution empowers the mayor-president to set up a fund at the Community Foundation of Acadiana. The fund would accept donations to reduce the cost of attendance for participants who want to attend summer camps operated by LCG’s recreation department.

Final Adoption

$100,000 to investigate the executive branch. This ordinance amends the upcoming budget to authorize  funding for the Guillory investigation into the next fiscal year. The City Council previously appropriated this funding in the current fiscal year, which ends Oct. 31. 

$36.9 million in bonds. This ordinance authorizes the sale of two public improvement sales tax bonds: one for $24.9 million and one for $12 million. These funds will be used to pay for projects in the city’s capital budget.

Camellia Boulevard Linear Park. This ordinance enshrines a prior commitment to preserve green space along Camellia Boulevard near River Ranch as a linear park. The ordinance codifies the City Council’s wish to prohibit the sale of any portion of this park for commercial or residential development.

Temporary water agreement with Broussard. This ordinance increases the volume of water the city of Broussard can buy from LCG to offset loss of water service because of the construction of the Highway 90/Ambassador Caffery Interchange project. 

Rails-To-Trails-North Project. This ordinance authorizes the mayor-president to acquire or expropriate land for this public biking trail trail. The total area is 8 acres overlaid on an abandoned railroad track starting roughly at the intersection of Gilman Street and Railroad Street and where Saint Antoine Street meets I-10.


No notable items.

Joint Items

Final Adoption

LCG staff raises. This ordinance rescinds two raises that survived cuts by the councils on a technicality. The City and Parish councils have already voted unanimously to reject a suite of raises for directors and other LCG staff. But the Guillory administration argued the budget amendment language did not include raises proposed for CAO Cydra Wingerter and a senior communications specialist.


Approving a new trash collector. This ordinance authorizes the mayor-president to enter into a contract that would replace Republic Services with Acadiana Waste Services to handle trash and recycling in the city of Lafayette and unincorporated areas. Acadiana Waste Services is a locally owned company.


Lafayette Convention and Visitors CommissionParish CouncilRegistered voter and a resident of Lafayette Parish


Keep Lafayette Beautiful Joint CouncilBrianne Hendricks, Lea Urdiales
Heymann CenterCity CouncilCindy Randazzo
Lafayette Preservation CommitteeMayor-PresidentLaura Hughes