Listen: How does Lafayette work, anyway?

Lafayette 101

Have you ever wondered why Lafayette got its “Hub City” nickname? Or how our consolidated government actually works? 

In our new podcast miniseries, Lafayette 101, I talked to people who really “get” Lafayette to give you the civics lesson you never knew you needed. I certainly needed it myself. 

I moved back to Lafayette in 2018 (the same year The Current launched) after moving away 13 years earlier. Lafayette has always felt like home to me, but there have always been parts of Lafayette I just didn’t understand, specifically when it comes to government.

In Lafayette 101, I used my reporting background to dig into what defines Lafayette as a city, parish and consolidated government. The people I interviewed gave me insight into Lafayette’s past, and revealed where we could be headed in the future.

My biggest takeaway from this project is that the more informed you are about how your local government works, the bigger the impact you can make on your local community.

Check out our three-episode series to become a more informed citizen—in less time than it takes to drive down Johnston Street at rush hour. Thanks! 


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Episode 1:
Lafayette is a Parish

Lafayette Parish was established in 1823 and is now home to more than 240,000 residents. On this episode, Marie Elizabeth Oliver dives into the history and development of Lafayette Parish with help from guests Lynn Guidry, Andrew Godley and Purvis Morrison.

Episode 2:
Lafayette is a City

If Lafayette is the Hub City—the “heart” of Lafayette Parish and Acadiana, Downtown is what makes it beat. But in recent years, Lafayette’s growth has expanded mostly outside city limits. Marie Elizabeth Oliver investigates this outward migration, as well as the most recent updates to the Lafayette Consolidated Government’s charter with Kenneth Boudreaux and Will Thiele.

Episode 3:
Is Lafayette Better Together?

It’s impossible to talk about Lafayette’s government without talking about consolidation. Marie Elizabeth Oliver looks into the genesis of Lafayette City-Parish Government and explores both sides of the consolidation/deconsolidation debate with Christie Maloyed, Jan Swift and Purvis Morrisson.