A sour nerd’s guide to Gulf Brew

Sour beer is the latest trend in the beer world. And Acadiana’s brewers have some zany and tasty entries into the craze, some available only at Gulf Brew.

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In Her Words

Coming up roses

Lauren Bercier of Something Borrowed Blossoms says Lafayette is a great place to launch tech-based businesses that can reach a national market.

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Porch, Wine & Gravy

Red, White and Blue Sangria

Cool your jets, yankee doodle dandies, with this American take on the classic Spanish refreshment. Serve over ice and free yourself from the oppressive Louisiana heat.

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Business + Innovation

Sawbriar Brewery and craft beer’s next wave

More and more brewers are choosing to take the microbrewery route, avoiding the pricey startup costs and permitting minefields that plague conventional production breweries. Starting this fall, Sawbriar Brewery will bring the microbrewery concept to Lafayette. The focus is craft, not production.

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