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Council approves first short-term rental rezoning

Lafayette’s City Council approved the first rezoning to accommodate an existing short-term rental Tuesday but others may face a more fraught path to continue operating.

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Ticking clock on STRs could spawn rezoning boom

Lafayette’s new short-term rental rules leave many owners with two options: get rezoned or get out of the business. That could cause problems for the City Council.

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Link to Gov. Landry sets wide agenda for special legislative session on crime – Louisiana Illuminator (opens in new window)

The items include expanding methods for administering the death penalty and harsher penalties for carjacking. The governor is also seeking stricter treatment of juvenile offenders and tighter provisions for granting parole.

He is also proposing placement of the state’s indigent defender system under the governor’s office.

Source: LA Illuminator

Link to Former Lafayette Mayor Dud Lastrapes has passed away  (opens in new window)

William Dudley Lastrapes Jr. served as mayor of the city of Lafayette from 1980-1992, prior to implementation of the consolidated form of government that exists today.

He was the first Republican to serve as mayor of the city after Reconstruction, elected at a time when Democrats outnumbered Republicans in the city and parish. That would change over the years, with registered Republicans outnumbering Democrats today.

Source: The Advocate