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Link to Librarian defamation case to be heard this week in Livingston Parish

The suit names Lafayette-based conservative activist Michael Lunsford and his organization Citizens for a New Louisiana, alongside another Facebook bomb thrower from Livingston Parish. The pair targeted a Livingston librarian with posts portraying her as a “pedophile.”

“Defendant Lunsford and Defendant CFANL have portrayed, and continue to portray, Amanda Jones as a criminal and a pedophile — one who supports dissemination of ‘pornographic materials’ to elementary school children,” the lawsuit alleges.

Source: The Advocate

Josh Guillory at a press conference in August 2022

Josh Guillory turns to side hustles for more income

Since his election, the mayor-president has taught classes at UL, formed two LLCs and obtained a license to produce title insurance, on top of processing expungements for clients — all in search of supplementing his income.

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