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UL police parking lot

Dismissed in 2013, Guillory was rehired by UL after his election

The mayor-president’s return to teaching after being fired for cause presents several potential conflicts, including charter requirements that his job be full-time. Deploying Lafayette police officers to run security while on campus, a use of public resources for his personal benefit, figures into the City Council’s investigation of him.

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Link to Council passes over former professors, librarian to appoint cyber professional to Lafayette library board  (opens in new window)

Of the 10 people who applied for the volunteer position Tuesday, including a school librarian and two former university professors, two were nominated by Parish Council members to be voted on. Christie Maloyed was nominated by Council Chairman A.B. Rubin, the lone Democrat on the council. Erasto Padron Jr. was nominated by John Guilbeau.

Source: The Advocate

Link to Lafayette Councils Set Joint Meeting To Override Guillory’s Veto (opens in new window)

Previously, the councils had both passed an amended budget that did not include nearly a quarter of a million dollars in raises for top officials working for Lafayette Consolidated Government.

However, Guillory restored the raises to the budget using line-item veto powers. The City and Parish Councils have since come back and decided they would challenge that veto, holding a joint meeting to override that as the battle between Lafayette’s legislative and executive branches rages on.

Source: KPEL