Willa Mae Dugas, of Lafayette, who wrestled in the 1960’s under the name Princess Ubanga, recalls a road trip from Memphis to Georgia in a car driven by a white wrestler named The Red Baron.

“That was the longest trip I ever experienced. Lying on the floorboard, covered in wrestler’s robes and a blanket. We drove a long way like that until he got clear of the danger zone. But it was all danger at that time in that area. I had to stay in the floor like that for a long time, probably two and a half or three hours. He kept talking to me, saying, ‘Remember, if I get stopped, don’t move. Don’t even breathe loud. if you do, there could be a killing– a lynching.”

Outtake edited by John Pudd Sharp. From the Archives of Cajun and Creole Folklore at the Center for Louisiana Studies, UL Lafayette.

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