Closing Argument: Ken Stansbury for Josh Guillory

Youngsville City Councilman Ken Stansbury

This op-ed is a one of two letters written in support of candidates for mayor-president and does not reflect the editorial opinion of The Current or its staff. You can read Billeaud Companies’ CEO Steven Hebert’s closing argument supporting Carlee Alm-LaBar here.

Josh Guillory is the right leader to guide Lafayette Parish into our Third Century.  He has the vision, experience and values to address the challenges and opportunities we face as a parish — and as a people.

Josh Guillory acquired his leadership skills in the United States military, as both an enlisted man and an officer. He has led men into battle. As a combat veteran he understands the risks and sacrifices of our men and women in law enforcement and fire protection. 

Josh and his wife Jamie understand the responsibilities and challenges of raising a family here in Lafayette Parish. They are committed to keeping our parish a family-friendly place for years and decades to come.

They are both small business owners. Josh is a respected family and constitutional law attorney. He earns his living defending the rights of our people. Jamie is a mental health counselor, helping people of all ages, including children. She also volunteers at UL, counseling new students on the transition from living at home to campus life. They understand what it takes to succeed in small business here. They are committed to ensuring our parish is business friendly, especially for  locally owned, family-run enterprises.

Josh’s father was a Swamp Pop musician who fed his family playing music. Josh grew up traveling all over south Louisiana, so he is at home with our food, music, history and culture. Josh understands and appreciates all that makes this place special.

Josh is a graduate of UL Lafayette. He is committed to a stronger working relationship between Lafayette Consolidated Government and our University, to benefit students and the community. Josh and Jamie are proud to be members of Ragin’ Cajun nation.

Josh understands the issues that affect all of us in Lafayette Parish.  He has lived in unincorporated Lafayette, city of Scott and currently resides in the city of Lafayette. When he says “One Parish One Future,” it’s not a campaign slogan; it’s his philosophy for how he will lead our Parish.

Josh has strong relationships with key leaders such as Congressman Clay Higgins who is our point person for working with the Army Corps of Engineers on how best to dredge the Vermilion River. Josh will work with our new governor and our legislators to create jobs and address the critical issues facing our parish. Josh will work with our newly elected council members to make the “split council” successful and bring us together.