FEASTival of Delights: Bringing back your Festival favorites all month long

Everybody has that one dish they get each year at Festival International. Close your eyes and picture where your dish is: nestled right across from Parc Sans Souci or maybe in the LA Biergarten area. 

We all missed those favorites last year when Festival went digital because of the pandemic. Going virtual means no aroma, and you can’t put the internet on a stick. But for FEASTival, your favorites are back, and they’re offered at local restaurants for an entire month. 

And here’s a bonus: You can stuff yourself with your Fest favorite and win prizes. Pick up a punch card at participating restaurants and compete to be FEASTival’s Best Foodie. Three winners will win $500 in coupons and swag. 

Crawfish Spinach Boat

This is hands-down the most coveted Festival International dish — crawfish smothered in spinach cream sauce, heaping in a flaky bread bowl. Why only eat what’s inside your food container when you can also eat what it’s served in? Take a drive down to New Iberia and get one from Bon Creole. It’s worth it. 

Bon Creole
1409 East Saint Peter Street
New Iberia
(337) 367-6181

Crawfish Mimi’s Mac and Cheese Bread Bowl
A solid contender for Fest’s best bread bowl: Crawfish Mimi’s Mac and Cheese Bread Bowl from Pop’s Poboys

Crawfish Mimi’s Mac and Cheese Bread Bowl

Which bread bowl do you think is better? Pop’s or Bon Creole? There, I did it. Fight among yourselves. Pop’s version of the crawfish combo is cheesy, gooey mac and cheese sprinkled with crawfish tails and served in a toasted bread bowl. Throughout FEASTival, Pop’s will rotate flavors. Hold your own contest and rank them from best to “least best.”

Pop’s Poboys
740 Jefferson Street
(337) 534-0621

Mini Crab Cake Balls

It’s hard to walk around Downtown smelling delicious fried seafood all day and not stop at the Poor Boy’s booth for crab cakes. Easy to pop in your mouth, these crab balls are filled with lump crab meat and cream cheese and served with a honey glaze dipping sauce. The venerable Broussard restaurant has them on special for FEASTival all month. 

Poor Boy’s Riverside Inn
240 Tubing Road
(337) 235-8559

Fried Provolone

A festival staple, JSP’s fried provolone is quick, easy to eat, and a perfect snack to get you through Festival Saturday. It’s light and fluffy, but packs a punch with cilantro, onions and chipotle aioli. 

Jefferson Street Pub
500 Jefferson Street
(337) 232-5040

Central Pizza’s Gumbo Ya Ya special, available all month during FEASTival. Photo courtesy Central Pizza & Bar

Pizza by the Slice

Central Pizza & Bar made lots of people happy when it opened in the heart of Festival’s footprint and began slinging pizza by the slice out of its market windows. This year, Central is shaking things up a bit with Gumbo Ya Ya, a pizza with a roux base, mozzarella, fontina, smoked chicken thigh, smoked sausage and red onions — topped with sprinkles of chopped parsley. Try the new pizza or grab the classics. 

Central Pizza & Bar
423 Jefferson Street
(337) 534-0887