Why y’all leaving Lafayette, fellow kids?

Steve Buscemi Fellow Kids Meme

Young people aren’t happy in Lafayette, according to the results of One Acadiana’s latest quality of life survey. Of recent college graduates, only 37% of respondents thought Lafayette was excellent or good for this segment of our population. 

While that’s up from 36% in last year’s survey, the number who rated Lafayette an excellent place to be dropped from 28% last year to 7% this year. 

Another data point to consider: Lafayette hasn’t grown very much by population in the last 10 years.

Losing young talent is a big concern, so we want to go straight to the source: You. Fill out the brief survey below and tell us about your prospects. Do you plan to leave Lafayette? Why? What could Lafayette do to keep you here or bring you back?

The first 10 youths to weigh in will get a free pair of tickets to this year’s Undercurrent Awards — where we’ll have good drinks, good food, and great company!