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It’s a Downtown Christmas miracle!

Pamplona Tapas Bar is importing a cocktail popup series — literally called Miracle — to toast the holidays.

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Complicated Cocktails: Blueberry Whiskey Buck

The buck is a spicy, sweet and summery way to enjoy brown liquors like whiskey.

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Complicated Cocktails: Hibiscus Lemonade Cooler

This light-tasting spiked tea is a perfect mate for taking it slow. Sip on it in the afternoon haze and let the glass sweat through golden hour.

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Complicated Cocktails: Kiwi Martini

The kiwi is an oddball perfect for buttoning down a classic martini into something you can sip leisurely at a pool party without coming across a pretentious Pete or Patty.

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Complicated Cocktails: Cantaloupe Calypso

A spin on the drive-thru favorite that you can blend up in the comfort of your own kitchen, without the chemical junk. Grab a summer cantaloupe and let your Vitamix fly.

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Red, White and Blue Sangria

Cool your jets, yankee doodle dandies, with this American take on the classic Spanish refreshment. Serve over ice and free yourself from the oppressive Louisiana heat.

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Complicated Cocktails Friday: The Golden Fig

What good is fig season when you don’t like figs? This cool and fruity vodka sipper makes summer figs something everyone can look forward to.

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